Ron Shrimperton

Ron has worked for Shrimptastic Pizza since its grand opening in 1975. Something spoke to him about the similarity between Shrimptastic Pizza and his last name (Shrimperton). Will do whatever it takes to keep those pizzas rolling.

Ludwig Van Kubrick

Ludwig is the absolute bee's knees. A real humdinger, I tell you. Riding that gravy train, he's always the early bird getting the worm. Top shelf, all the way.

Falsetto Jaxxon

The real meat and potatoes of the group, no question. Always on time, always in the pocket, and always has a positive thing to add for any and all occasions.


Shrimpy is the owner and founder of Shrimptastic Pizza. He hopes you like shrimp. He likes shrimp. Every day is a good day for shrimp. Shrimp at the beach. Shrimp in the park. Shrimp in a fancy restaurant. Ask him, he'll tell you.

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