Larry The Entertainer

Larry is perhaps one of the great musicians of the world and headlines every Tuesday and Saturday night right here at Shrimptastic Pizza. His sounds will soothe you. Tame the savage beast inside all of us. With a thirst that can only be quenched by shrimp-related music.

Karzan Street Choir

These lovely ladies have been singing for the lucky patrons of Shrimptastic Pizza every Sunday afternoon since 1980. Specializing in three-part harmonies, which works out well since there are three of them.


Sunny makes the world go 'round. Always a bright shining beacon for everyone to bask in. Whenever sunny is near, you can bet that everyone around him is in a brighter, happier place.


New to the Shrimptastic Pizza scene, Timmy plays every Monday and Thursday, and enjoys every minute of it. One could describe Timmy's music as avant-garde. If one were so inclined.

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